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Insights #2: Body language

As one should already know, we get only 30% of actual information during verbal conversation. Other 70% are sent via non-verbal body language.

Once I understood that without proper knowledge one could never get all the message and what’s behind it, I decided to start learning this social art by reading books, watching videos and movies, real practicing, observing. Human is a curious thing, right?

Some 3-4 years later after my decision was made, I can actually scan information even without putting any efforts into the process. This skill changes your life A LOT. Here are 3 things why:

  1. The truth is not always what you’ll like
  2. You might loose some relations
  3. With more accurate information, better decisions can be made

Insights #1: Psychology skills in B2B

A small talk during a business party.

P1: What are the key elements to succeed in business?

P2: I’m very much into psychology, human behavior, NLP.

P1: But your product and customers are B2B not B2C, why do you think you need these skills?

P2: And who operates the business and makes the decisions?