Sales job interview in one minute

My colleagues had a job interview with a potential salesman today. I was not participating although I had some intentions to do that.

I was sitting with another colleague and discussing some daily things when she asked me how it is going with hiring additional sales people. I just replied that things are going well and that another interview is being held at the moment.

Suddenly a funny idea popped into my mind which I spoke out loud:

- I could go there without notice and ask a couple of questions for the guy, like “What’s the meaning of life?” or something like that.

We giggled a little bit but after a couple of minutes the idea was still in my head, still growing and maturing.

So I decided to do that.

I went to the job interview without notice, opened the door of the meeting room, greeted everyone and introduced myself, only the name, to the candidate. He stood up, we shook our hands, he introduced himself and straight away I said:

- Just one question. [Pause] What’s the meaning of life?

And in a blink of an eye he replied:

- Joy.

I showed him thumbs up and went out of the meeting room smiling, in silence.

From that moment I knew that we are going to offer that guy a job.

Lets do a deeper analysis of everything that happened in less than one minute.

A job interview is in most cases a very stressful environment to be in.

Imagine the meeting and someone coming in, it’s already something unexpected.

The guy stands up from his chair – shows respect to whoever I am.

He shakes my hand not too hard, not too soft, just the right thing – adaptive.

He looks straight into my eyes when talking – confidence.

His voice is not trembling – confidence.

He smiles naturally – he’s feeling good even in stressful situations.

He gets the question, which in most cases cannot be answered right away without “umm”s and “eeeehhhh”s unless he already has the answer for it – he questions things on a higher level.

After the meeting (something like 1 hour or so) my colleagues came to me and told me that the candidate looks like a really perspective one but I already knew that.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. — Aristotle

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