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The rule of 7 boxes

the rule of 7 boxes

The rule of 7 boxes

The 3 F’s of engagement

The 3 F's of engagement

The 3 F's of engagement

3 Tiers of Sales Perception

There is a path through which all of the sales people and entrepreneurs go. It is made of three tiers which at the end of the path combines into a perception, the nirvana of sales.

When you start you sell features.

When you are in sales for a while you start to understand that the customer is not searching for features, you start selling the benefits.

But with experience you perceive that you cannot get the big deals for benefits. The greatest deals come when you are selling the value. Value is the main thing you should focus on if you want to be successful in sales.

3 tiers of sales perception are:

Features -> Benefits ->Values

General von Moltke Management Value Matrix

While browsing I came up to an interesting old article about business scaleability. I found a really great matrix which describes management value. It’s like SWOT analysis but for people evaluation.

Here’s a qoute.

The von Moltke logic is as follows —

Smart Lazies” are your command center generals.  They are the most valuable because they are the most strategic minded — they figure out the easiest way to accomplish any objective.
Smart Actives” are your battlefield generals.  They can think quick on their feet and recognise and exploit opportunities as they arise on the fields of battle.
Stupid Lazies” are your rank and file troops.  They don’t second guess their commanders and just follow orders to the letter.
Actively Stupid” are the most dangerous.  They must been kept out of all operations at all costs — their presence constantly undermines the mission.  They don’t follow orders to the letter and make many mistakes as they actively pursue their own agendas — which may be at cross-purposes to the mission.

Success trinity

Which 3 words and ideas could describe the path to success no matter what are your goals?

I came up to these three. They’ve just crystallized in my head.

  1. Discipline.
  2. Consistency
  3. Persistence

Insights #2: Body language

As one should already know, we get only 30% of actual information during verbal conversation. Other 70% are sent via non-verbal body language.

Once I understood that without proper knowledge one could never get all the message and what’s behind it, I decided to start learning this social art by reading books, watching videos and movies, real practicing, observing. Human is a curious thing, right?

Some 3-4 years later after my decision was made, I can actually scan information even without putting any efforts into the process. This skill changes your life A LOT. Here are 3 things why:

  1. The truth is not always what you’ll like
  2. You might loose some relations
  3. With more accurate information, better decisions can be made