Amber Artificial Intelligence

Your Personal Artificial Intelligence-based Assistant

Automatic recognition of part numbers, quantities and conditions from any email
Instant reports on spare parts availability
Two-click distribution of RFQs to all suitable suppliers

Immediate Text Recognition

Amber A.I. automatically recognizes any type of email, and identifies:

  • Part numbers
  • Conditions
  • Quantities

Forget manual parts search – simply forward any kind of email with a required part number to Amber A.I.

10x Faster Search Processes

Thoroughly educated artificial intelligence engine allows Amber A.I. to immediately identify any amount of part numbers, quantities and conditions that you send
Even emails with multiple part numbers are quickly recognized
Part number recognition rate – 99,09%

Instant Inventory Availability Reports

After receiving your email, Amber A.I. automatically sends a request to the marketplace for parts availability
In just a few seconds Amber A.I. sends you a reply with detailed and structured search results
The report contains information from hundreds of suitable vendors, including parts availability, quantity, condition, location and supplier’s information
Response rate – less than 20 seconds

Multiple Device Support

Contact Amber A.I. via email – the most common means of communication between aviation suppliers and consumers
Send RFQs from any device you use, including computers, mobile phones and tablets
Email is all you need

No Logins and Passwords

Amber A.I. adds your email address to it’s database. Once your email is in the database, it is recognized automatically
Especially convenient while using mobile devices

RFQ Distribution with Just a Double-Click

By simply replying to Amber A.I.’s parts availability report you are sending RFQs to all available suppliers
Amber A.I. will automatically deliver your RFQs straight to every vendor which has the parts you need
Resolutions of your AOG situations in a blink of an eye

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